course is designed such a way that any person can understand

The course is designed such a way that any person can understand the real world of trading in stocks, Commodities Forex. The instructors are good in explaining how things work in the market. I am very lucky that that I came across Online Trading Academy training and very much confident that I can trade like professional trader. I thank Vishal sir for his super power in teaching complicated things in simple ways and making my life simple. Thank you, Online Trading Academy team.

Biswa Pradhan (Mumbai, India)

you should check out Online Trading Academy!

This course gives a lot of confidence to go out and place a trade because I know that what I have learned here are the principles, rules and attitude required to create and sustain profitable trading. The course material is awesome!! If you are on the fence thinking whether to take a trading course, you should check out Online Trading Academy!!

Mani Sarma (San Jose, CA)

the reason I am confident about trading

Vishal sir was very helpful in explaining the material. He is also very helpful in explaining what was on the tests. Amazing instructor. He is passionate about market and he is the reason I am confident about trading. A clear, brilliant, and passionate instructor. He also breaks down all the concepts easily, so it’s easy to retain. I learned so much from him without really realizing it…and I remember what I learned because I found it easy. By far the best instructor I have ever had. He makes class simple and interesting!

Gajanan Khanande (Mumbai, India)

the best schooling experience of my life

Online Trading Academy of Houston was the best schooling experience of my life. Most genuinely friendly and helpful staff, each and every one of them. I can’t wait to take my next classes. I enjoyed my experience so much that I added a new “why,” and that is to be able to pay to send some of my family members to Online Trading Academy of Houston. Thank you everyone for the fantastic experience.

Dave James (Houston, TX)

my first $1000 profit day

Yesterday I hit the ES short near the open and, after it hitting both my targets and taking profits, I went long on the NQ and added to the daily gain. It is the first time that I was able to capture the market both short and long on the same day and make money on both directions with a net result, my first $1000 profit day… I will tell anybody what I think of Online Trading Academy. There is no way I could have figured this stuff out without you.

Dennis Whitworth (Charlotte, NC)

you are not just paying for a class, you become part of a community

As a current college student, I can honestly say that this is the best and most usable education I have ever received. I do not regret a single penny that I spent on an education at the Online Trading Academy. When you join Online Trading Academy you are not just paying for a class, you become part of a community, a community with experienced instructors that want you to succeed and are ready and willing to help you. This has undoubtedly increased my knowledge of the markets and, to anyone trading in the markets without an education, do yourself a favor, spend the money you are going to lose on an education here to prevent worse losses.

Marclay Georges (Secaucus, NJ)

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