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World class trainers..winning techniques

This is the real deal. After spending thousands of dollars on inferior programs I am elated and fortunate to have found OTA–a program that’s both thorough and advanced in their education program. I mean, how can you fail if you follow the well taught lessons properly and take advantage of the lifetime of free retakes of the classes you pay for just one time? And there’s more. Just…wow. A Godsend.

Brian Gibbs (New York, NY)

Online Trading Academy truly teaches their method

Online Trading Academy truly teaches their method. Because the lecture portion of the class is followed with actual application of the concepts taught, I have obtained a greater understanding of how to go forward and reach my goal to become a successful trader.

Lori Wagley (Dallas, TX)

Great course, well worth taking

Great course, well worth taking. Bob Dunn is the real deal. His style of teaching is very practical and to the point. Bob brings a wealth of market knowledge and experience to the classroom that is second to none. Thank you, Bob!

Eliasy Sanchez (Seattle, WA)

wish that I had this opportunity earlier

This course is my first experience with Online Trading Academy. I enjoyed the various methods that knowledge was provided me; text, visual, lecture, classroom exercises. My understanding of the financial markets, the revelations about the techniques that professional traders and market makers have over the novice, and the key decisions that each risk manager should consider is invaluable. I only wish that I had this opportunity earlier in my financial career.

John M. (Charlotte, NC)

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