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The OTA experience is phenomenal

The OTA experience is phenomenal. Before now I was terrified of trading. In just a few short days I have become so knowledgeable and informed on strategies to invest, strategies to implement, & the mentality necessary to create the disciplines necessary to achieve my goals. Our goal is to upgrade to the Mastermind system and become a part of the OTA experience for Life.

Enoch Purnell (Los Angeles - Westwood, CA)

I Love All the OTA Instructors

I Love All the OTA Instructors, but I Really Love how Engaging Chuck Is! He is very clear in communicating his complex strategies in a very comprehensive yet methodical and easy way to understand, all with the most engaging and endearing personality.

Ruben Dante (Los Angeles, CA)

There just is NOTHING I have found to even compare

I can’t say enough about these classes as there is no comparison that I’ve come across that even holds a candle to this Academy; and I’ve been in and out of colleges all over for over 40 years! There just is NOTHING I have found to even compare. Classes are intense and I get quite exhausted, but it sure feels good when I get to my trading! I am now confident and enjoying my trading decisions SO much more.

DeAnna Decker (Los Angeles, CA)

it opened up my mind to many other trading strategies and markets

I was trading stocks before I came to Online Trading Academy and thought I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. I had no idea how much leverage was allowed in the Futures and Forex markets, along with the tax benefits. Also, I was trading based on Quarterly and Annual news, along with company reports and although I was profitable I had no idea how to trade supply and demand. Online Trading Academy not only taught me how to trade in different ways, it opened up my mind to many other trading strategies and markets where I can invest my money.

Daniel Melleady (Philadelphia, PA)

Josip does a great job

Josip does a great job relating what we are learning with stories we can relate to. He is sharing his actual life experience which I appreciate since we are all attempting to grow in the way that he already has. Good to know he has some of the same struggles that I have with the size of the accounts we need to handle and what to do about it.

Howard Ross (Irvine, CA)

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