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taught by traders who have actually walked the walk

Online Trading Academy teaches a skillset that makes it possible to replace virtually any form of income a person may have. Their classes are taught by traders who have actually walked the walk, and generally started out at the bottom of the learning curve. Their compassion and patience is so encouraging. One of the company’s best attributes is the ability of the student to repeat the classes as often as necessary to totally grasp the subject matter. Truly a gift!

Ann Beatty (Toronto, Canada)

the information they share is just amazing

My experience with Online Trading Academy has been wonderful. The staff and facilities, at least in the DC area office, are top notch. The staff makes you always feel like you are part of the OTA family. Every class I take I am amazed at how knowledgeable and patient the instructors are and the information they share is just amazing. If you’re looking to start new at trading (like me) or just refresh your skills, I highly recommend Online Trading Academy.

George Johnson (Washington DC)

The instructors have helped me with my trading skills immensely

Mostly I would like any prospective Online Trading Academy student to know that Jose Blasco is a fantastic instructor. I have viewed his XLT stock trading sessions many times previous to my encounter with him in April. After meeting him, and watching his presentation in front of the class, he has an excellent method of teaching. He presents the details of trading so well that he makes it look as easy as eating dessert. (I know everyone loves dessert, right?). So, if you ever get a chance to take a class with Jose Blasco, you will be very surprised with how much you will learn. Actually, I have attended at least five real-time classes at Online Trading Academy and I love them all. The instructors have helped me with my trading skills immensely. I only wish that I had started my education with Online Trading Academy sooner.

Bob Hadden (New York City, NY)

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