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Both instructors were excellent

I finished the Traadestation 101 course with Luis Losa and Scott Chrisan and came out of this class with a base knowledge with incentive to learn more. Both instructors were excellent.

Frank Bromberg (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

has been very helpful to me personally

Spencer Lewis has been very generous with his time and effort in answering several questions and in demonstrating various uses of the platform and how to navigate our online resources. He always has a very willing attitude in helping others to understand the answers to their questions. He is an outstanding resource person to the students and has been very helpful to me personally.

Bill Sheffield (Minneapolis, MN)

We learned so much about trading

The Pro Trader course was very comprehensive and an overall great experience. We learned so much about trading theory, charting, and the trading platform, and best of all got to soak in all of the instructor’s knowledge. Bob Dunn does a fantastic job and his energy and realism make it more than worthwhile.

Mike Perez (Secaucus, NJ)

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