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The hands on help has given me what I need

This is a review of Kareem Maghrabi. If not for Kareem I would not still be in the school. The help I have received has gone well beyond the call; his knowledge and skills on trading are invaluable! The hands on help has given me what I need to learn to trade. Without him, I would never have been able to advance. Trading is very detailed and difficult to grasp but Kareem puts it in terms one can easily learn Great trainer! He never gives up!

D. Scott Ireland (West Palm Beach, FL)

very well-structured training programs

To be honest, I was worried at the beginning because I thought I was too young to be part of Online Trading Academy. Furthermore, I felt limited when people started sharing in my class how they were building their 500K or more retirement accounts. Just to give you a little background of my current situation, I am in my late 20s and working full time while supporting my wife who’s going through grad school, with no formal financial education prior joining OTA. I remember the first day feeling a little off place when people started talking about stocks/bonds and how Wall-Street was currently moving. Although confusing at first with all the new terminology, I noticed that to join OTA you don’t need a MBA but, rather, a coachable mind that is humble and willing to learn. Furthermore, the simple language used to walk you through the basics is relatable and easy to comprehend and retain. Perhaps what I like the most about OTA is the welcoming atmosphere, and that sense of family that holds OTA’s staff together. Even though I was the youngest person in the classroom, I never felt unwelcome. Furthermore, another great feature about OTA is that each student is paired with a mentor with plenty of financial experience that takes the time to get to know you at a personal level. So far I have taken the free hour lecture, the 3-day introduction class and the core-strategy course. And from what I can tell, I am still hungry for more knowledge and for more ways to better understand the market. The main pros about OTA are the very well-structured training programs that walk from the basics to more complex concepts. Added to this, there are multiple student resources and, as I previously mentioned, the opportunity to contact your mentor when you need to if you have any questions. Even though the pricing may be intimidating at first, it is a fair value when you get to see all the benefits and knowledge you can get. It is very important to highlight that OTA will not give you the secret key to all your financial goals. However, OTA will teach you how to minimize your risks and increase your chances for success. At the end of the day the greatest challenge is not all the academic content or the fees for them, but rather, finding the purpose and the “whys” of your financial goals. Once you get them straight, OTA can help you become part of the 1% that achieves his or her dreams.

Benjamin Manzano (Baltimore, MD)

A big thanks to Robert, you’re a great instructor

I wanted to take a quick moment to show my appreciation for your Instructor, Robert Dummar. I was lucky enough to have Robert teach my Market Timing Orientation class in Charleston, SC this April. It’s an understatement to say that Robert lifted the veil of mystery on the markets in general. I learned more in those three days under Robert’s guidance than I had in several college classes. Not only did Robert educate me, but he shared his passion of the industry and lit my fire to not only learn, but to apply my education for real, life-changing benefits! Just last week I ran into Robert at the Raleigh office. I was taking my Core Strategy Class and Robert was doing another Market Timing Orientation class. Robert not only remembered me, but invited myself along with a few other interested students to sit in on a live online Mastermind Community Clubhouse XLT he was hosting that evening. WOW! The experience was eye opening, entertaining and enlightening! Robert explained complex material and ideas in a simple and comprehensible way. While I may not have understood all of it, I was able to understand the majority of it and the larger picture and concepts as a whole. Robert went above and beyond to include us in this event and it was greatly appreciated. It was both motivational and insightful to see what actually goes on at the Mastermind level. A big thanks to Robert, you’re a great instructor, motivator and a real asset to Online Trading Academy!

Adam Webb (Raleigh, NC)

FUTURES week- class started with a very enthusiastic take off

MY FUTURES week- class started with a very enthusiastic take off. Our instructor, Jerry Baldwin’s, way of teaching is very engaging. He asks each one of us to participate and made us follow with the pace of the lesson. He is funny in between the serious moments. I appreciate the clarity of his mentorship, and I would love to join his other future classes. The Irvine site is like a home, staffs are nice and accommodating, the classroom structure is comfortable to learn without stress.

Prisci Villa (Irvine, CA)

I believe Online Trading Academy is the best

In July of 2018 I signed up with Online Trading Academy in Orlando to learn how I could make money in the markets and be able to protect my large nest egg in the future. Cassandra Galloway was my mentor. She answered my “many” questions and showed me how to prepare for my classes. She always had a smile and is a great motivator. I will owe much of my success in trading to her. I believe she is one of Online Trading Academy’s best employees. Gabriel Palmer in IT was also very helpful to me. He answered many of my computer questions including what type of computer would best help me. Diego and Chris were also quick to answer my questions with a smile. They are all great employees of Online Trading Academy, Orlando. I believe Online Trading Academy is the best company in the world for attaining your financial dream. I will learn everything Online Trading Academy has to offer and I will always remember Online Trading Academy in Orlando.

Lowell Hartman (Orlando, FL)

I have learned a lot and am getting better every day

I have been with Online Trading for about six months and although I haven’t mastered the art of trading I have learned a lot and am getting better every day. Watching the online recordings are very helpful. It’s a must. Also, I would like to thank Ed Huggins for all his help. He is there anytime I have a question or problem and is quick to respond. Thank you Ed.

Daniel Spacek (Houston, TX)

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