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OTA is the real deal

OTA is the real deal. Their core methodology works across asset classes and actually is replicable, consistent, and persistent in all market environments. They give you an institutional perspective to avoid novice traps. You get a great ROI on their education if you put in the work to learn the tools with which they empower you. EVERYONE in the OTA community who I have encountered is extremely supportive and wants you to succeed! I am now continuing my education into the mastermind community, which I foresee will pay for itself within a short time!

Elizabeth Knopf (Phoenix, AZ)

What OTA does is offer the student a different reality

It’s not often one can take up an offer to pursue something with the expectation of truly changing the course of one’s life. Online Trading Academy openly makes this offer. It almost defies the logic we’ve been taught since childhood that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, there is another truth in life; we define our own realities. What OTA does is offer the student a different reality than the common perception, and that reality is one of abundant wealth. Pursue a new reality.

Kyle Gilbertson (Denver, CO)

Not just a class but an experience

What amazed me with Online Trading Academy, especially the instructors, was the attitude everyone had. Not just a class but an experience. The instructors were down to earth, easy to talk to and generally genuinely excited about what they were teaching. Therefore that excitement spilled out onto us as students. It was a pleasure dealing with the counselors, support staff, administration and teachers. I was half expecting to be greeted by teachers who were on a schedule and you were in their way. But with OTA, this was truly not the case. If they didn’t want to be there, I couldn’t tell, because their general demeanor was always positive and approachable.

Lance Robinson (Ft. Lauderdale)

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