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OTA can’t be beat!

OTA is the best. To be honest, I haven’t started trading as of yet, just paper trading. But let me tell you it’s working and I haven’t even completed the course yet; halfway through, almost done. Something like this takes time, but if you apply yourself it’s there for the taking. I thought it was a scam at first due to do the fast talking, but just sit there and listen as it’s worth it. Also, it will pay for itself, trust me. The staff is incredible, from the front desk to the fridge with all them sodas and goodies. I was concerned about missing church on Sunday, but believe me I had it there, that’s one of the reasons I signed up. OTA can’t be beat!

Anwar Henderson (Atlanta, GA)

Apply yourself and you will not fail

I was always fascinated by the market, but I had no idea how to really learn about or understand it. The place to learn how to trade the “right way” is at Online Trading Academy. The continuing education provided with the program is like no other that I have seen. The XLTs (extended learning track) and the opportunity to retake each class in a classroom setting or online is a phenomenal concept. If I can get ‘it’, anyone can, with the right amount of application and practice. You will need to make a commitment to own it and follow the rules. You will and can change your financial outlook. Apply yourself and you will not fail.

Elvis Roye (Atlanta, GA)

totally satisfied and thank OTA

I would say it is a best concept even for the person who does not know anything about shares. I am going totally satisfied and thank OTA to give this valuable treasure of knowledge. Good instructors who simplified the trading of shares.

Joy Lobo (Mumbai, India)

there is an honest commitment to helping students achieve financial independence

IN THE SPIRIT OF FULL DISCLOSURE, I first want to say I was an employee of Online Trading Academy for almost nine years. Preceding that I served as an officer in the Air Force ending that career on the Air Staff at the Pentagon. My testimony with regard to OTA is that from the owner to every member of the staff, there is an honest commitment to helping students achieve financial independence. We live in a skeptical time and there are many good reasons for that. But I challenge you to suspend enough skepticism to attend the Academy’s free intro class. In this case free is really free…. Even the coffee and bagels. If you’d like to talk to me before you go, start by writing me at I’m retired now so have plenty time to talk. I’ll be happy to tell you all about the success stories I witnessed.

Paul Arneson (OTA)

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