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I strongly approve of OTA

When I joined OTA I was still driving a truck over the road and found it was hard to study. I have tried other places that told me they would help me with how to trade and make money, I found out, to me, they were all scams, They took my money but never helped me. When I retired I started really getting into OTA, started going to classes, and the instructors here are real. They really help you in anything you need help in. I feel that they will make me a better trader. I know they keep telling you to follow the rules; when you think you do not have to follow the rules is when you will fail. I strongly approve of OTA and am very glad that I joined this group and I always pray to the good lord that he will make me a very successful trader where I will be able to help other people, that is my goal in life.

Jack Davison (Charlotte, NC)

They won’t disappoint!

I spent the last 3 days learning what this program is all about and loved it! From my counselor, Krystal Bates, to my instructor, Rick Meadows, they opened my eyes to a wealth of potential. I very highly recommend signing up! They won’t disappoint!

Greg Muhlig (New York City, NY)

Jerry Baldwin is an awesome teacher

Jerry Baldwin is an awesome teacher. He offers clear explanation, provides examples that are live market analysis, and does a lot of practice on computers. He makes sure that everyone is progressing by asking questions about material covered. He is very positive and fun to be in class with.

Olivia Navarro (Irvine, CA)

Wow! I cannot believe all the changes and improvements

I just took the core class for the second time. Wow! I cannot believe all the changes and improvements. The new tools are easy to use. Brock Pierce is a very good instructor. He was dedicated to making sure all the core concepts were understood. I always learn something new at OTA-Houston. All of the staff are like family. Students are received warmly by everyone. If you are looking for a quality education and you want to get it from folks who care, you are looking in the right place.

Bob Matthews (Houston, TX)

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