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OTA is a world class market trading education company

OTA is a world class market trading education company. The instructor was first class, very knowledgeable and really cared that I was exposed to the best market training available. There is no way better to learn to trade the market than from a market maker himself – and a good one he is. My coach made sure that I stayed focused on the subject matter and encouraged me when I wasn’t at my finest. I traded the market years ago with few positive results. Now, after completing the Core Strategy course here at Online Trading Academy, I feel confident that my future trading will take a huge leap in the right direction. I feel confident that I can be successful. Thank you Tim, Kareem and OTA. Thanks and Blessings.

Buddy Smith (Austin, TX)

Thomas Joyce gave a great class

Thomas Joyce gave a great class. I really need to retake some days over; overall Mr.Joyce put everything out on the table for all to understand in a GOOD format. I wish some day I will teach a class as good as he did. THANK YOU Thomas.

Victor Pedroza (Denver, CO)

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