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There is no hocus pocus

The process (Core Strategy) that OTA teaches works. It is proven correct during actual trading sessions right in front of the students’ eyes. There is no hocus pocus, it is scientifically based. OTA doesn’t just teach a set of rules, then let you go and fend for yourself. OTA will support you through your entire trading career, (for a lifetime) with more resources and more advanced knowledge than you can ever imagine. OTA is a life experience, not a one time workshop.

Greg Heinly (Irvine, CA)

I feel confident

This is my very first exposure to the stock market, did not even know what an equity was. Vishal explained things so well and from the very basics. I’m very happy that I was part of his class. After his coaching, I feel confident about considering a full time career in trading.

Bimal R. (Mumbai, India)

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