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Not just a class but an experience

What amazed me with Online Trading Academy, especially the instructors, was the attitude everyone had. Not just a class but an experience. The instructors were down to earth, easy to talk to and generally genuinely excited about what they were teaching. Therefore that excitement spilled out onto us as students. It was a pleasure dealing with the counselors, support staff, administration and teachers. I was half expecting to be greeted by teachers who were on a schedule and you were in their way. But with OTA, this was truly not the case. If they didn’t want to be there, I couldn’t tell, because their general demeanor was always positive and approachable.

Lance Robinson (Ft. Lauderdale)

I love coming here

I can honestly say that from the first advertisement on the radio, to my last class with Bachir, each class and every person I have met has been VERY professional and very friendly. I love coming here, even just for a visit, and the classes compensated for my horrid days at work and gave me more reasons and drive to trade (to leave my job in the future). I really enjoyed Bachir’s strict but friendly approach, Tareq’s honest approach and loved Sean’s methods of teaching.

Gary G. (Dubai, UAE)

This should be taught in universities across the country

I have taken other so called training for trading in the market, and Online Trading Academy is literally the BEST thing going in the finance industry! As an accountant by trade, I know that this information is not being taught in any school. This should be taught in universities across the country.

Julian M. (Washignton DC)

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