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Every instructor has a golden nugget

This course is great for people who know nothing about trading. I knew nothing. The instructor is the key to this class and the fact that you can retake it as much as you want. Retaking this class with a different instructor is a key element in learning how to trade. Every instructor has a golden nugget for a novice to build upon.

Sherry McKinnon (Detroit, MI)

The amount of support OTA provides and offers is incredible

OTA really, really helps you learn. The amount of support OTA provides and offers is incredible. OTA does NOT just take your money and then forget about you—OTA really goes above and beyond to help you learn and make money. I truly wish I had joined OTA 10 years ago. I am blown away at breadth and depth of knowledge of the financial markets that Sam Evans has. ALL of the OTA instructors are extremely intelligent. No matter what the market, every single OTA instructor is brilliant. I am very, very happy to have taken this FUTURES course with Sam Evans. I really, really learned a lot and I can’t wait to begin trading FUTURES. I would love to take another FOREX course with Sam Evans or Keith Gibson.

Jim Crowne (Philadelphia, PA)

learn from the best at Online Trading Academy

I have taken the course a few times and lost money in the past; but after having a few teachers and understanding what I was doing wrong I have learnt the way I was trading and the mistakes I was doing. Now I look at the market in a whole new way. Thanks to Jeff Manson who has taken the time to change my thought proses of what I was doing wrong to what I should be doing right. I recommend anyone who is trying to build a life for themselves or family and would like to take this serious to learn from the best at Online Trading Academy. Thank you.

Benjamin Nisanov (New York, NY)

This is a formula for success

After I attended the classes, I knew this was the only solution that there was to being a successful trader. It was not a matter of whether I could afford it, but could I afford not to take the course. This will be my first time trading the market and I want to do it right the first time. This is a formula for success and I will follow my trade plan to the letter, and I will do all the work required and keep working at it to be successful. The encouragement and support from the instructors and staff involved is higher than I have ever experienced before. I look forward in one years time to share with everyone my success story.

David Elias (Vancouver, Canada)

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