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I was living on a wing and a prayer but not anymore

Some people refer to trading as gambling. They are right unless they have the skills to make an informative decision with a professional education from Online Trading Academy. OTA offers a world class education with 35 centers and 100 instructors worldwide and will teach you to trade like a pro and not like the novice gambler. OTA offers a huge variety of online resources and onsite classroom participation with some of the best pro traders in the world. Their patented program and education will teach you what it’s like to be a pro in a lot less time than it will take to get a college degree. My investment has given me a new start and hope as I reach my pre-retirement years. I was living on a wing and a prayer but not anymore with the ongoing education and support I receive from my Online Trading Academy! Thanks Online Trading Academy! I would also like to add that the Minneapolis, MN location is an incredible support system. My calls are answered or returned promptly, when I need help with my computer I just need to bring it in, and I will say that the staff is top notch. They make all students feel welcome as they are a part of the community, which to me seems to be the backbone of this location and OTA in general. For years I have had to rely on others to make my success and now I only rely on myself and my school at OTA.

Tracy Ellingson (Minneapolis, MN)

Steve’s commitment to me & the program speaks volumes

I took the class over a year ago & wasn’t able to stay on course to take advantage of what I had learned in the week long course. Being self employed, my business became busy so my education took a back seat. My coach, Steve Flege, kept in contact periodically & finally I’m making my commitment to learning & becoming a successful trader. Steve’s commitment to me & the program speaks volumes. Thank you Steve.

Carl Lombardo (Norwalk, CT)

there is an honest commitment to helping students achieve financial independence

IN THE SPIRIT OF FULL DISCLOSURE, I first want to say I was an employee of Online Trading Academy for almost nine years. Preceding that I served as an officer in the Air Force ending that career on the Air Staff at the Pentagon. My testimony with regard to OTA is that from the owner to every member of the staff, there is an honest commitment to helping students achieve financial independence. We live in a skeptical time and there are many good reasons for that. But I challenge you to suspend enough skepticism to attend the Academy’s free intro class. In this case free is really free…. Even the coffee and bagels. If you’d like to talk to me before you go, start by writing me at I’m retired now so have plenty time to talk. I’ll be happy to tell you all about the success stories I witnessed.

Paul Arneson (OTA)

the amount of education and support available is really second to none

Hello Everyone, I’ve completed 4 classes as of today and I have to say that I couldn’t be more satisfied. Starting from the OTA organization itself including the course materials, instructors, and support both online and locally, the amount of education and support available is really second to none. While taking the courses is only the first step, if you put in the time and effort to learn and use the Core Strategy taught at the OTA, then there is no reason that you couldn’t have a life changing experience. If you’re looking for freedom from a 40+ hour week and the opportunity to be able to earn a good living from home, learn to trade with the pros at OTA! Good Luck comes with hard work and putting in the effort, but it’s yours for the taking. Best wishes.

Richard Quitmeyer (Minneapolis, MN)

Not just a class but an experience

What amazed me with Online Trading Academy, especially the instructors, was the attitude everyone had. Not just a class but an experience. The instructors were down to earth, easy to talk to and generally genuinely excited about what they were teaching. Therefore that excitement spilled out onto us as students. It was a pleasure dealing with the counselors, support staff, administration and teachers. I was half expecting to be greeted by teachers who were on a schedule and you were in their way. But with OTA, this was truly not the case. If they didn’t want to be there, I couldn’t tell, because their general demeanor was always positive and approachable.

Lance Robinson (Ft. Lauderdale)

Every instructor has a golden nugget

This course is great for people who know nothing about trading. I knew nothing. The instructor is the key to this class and the fact that you can retake it as much as you want. Retaking this class with a different instructor is a key element in learning how to trade. Every instructor has a golden nugget for a novice to build upon.

Sherry McKinnon (Detroit, MI)

The amount of support OTA provides and offers is incredible

OTA really, really helps you learn. The amount of support OTA provides and offers is incredible. OTA does NOT just take your money and then forget about you—OTA really goes above and beyond to help you learn and make money. I truly wish I had joined OTA 10 years ago. I am blown away at breadth and depth of knowledge of the financial markets that Sam Evans has. ALL of the OTA instructors are extremely intelligent. No matter what the market, every single OTA instructor is brilliant. I am very, very happy to have taken this FUTURES course with Sam Evans. I really, really learned a lot and I can’t wait to begin trading FUTURES. I would love to take another FOREX course with Sam Evans or Keith Gibson.

Jim Crowne (Philadelphia, PA)

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