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I learnt a lot

Bill knows a new trader’s psychology and covers all the aspects of Core Strategy in a very practical way. I learnt a lot and got much experience on how to trade. I got the direction and confidence now on which I can move on trading.

Hafizuddin Kureshi (Freehold, NJ)

Highly recommended for people serious to get into trading

I had been trading with help of some books and YouTube videos, it was not going good. More than that, I was unsure about the trade I was taking. Not a moments peace once I had taken a position due to lack of clarity, skill and confidence. Online Trading Academy’s course helped me learn the art of skilled trading, learning the why and the how of trading. During the week of class I was sitting comfortably during my intraday positions, since now I know why I took those positions. Highly recommended for people serious to get into trading!!

Ajay V. (Mumbai, India)

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