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excellent presentation from David Warner

The FOREX trading course was an excellent presentation from David Warner. He gave us actionable information on how to gear our trading in the FOREX market so we are far ahead of the average trader in this market. I believe I will be using his techniques of applying Supply and Demand trading in every trade I execute.

Kevin Dayton (Charlotte, NC)

This relieves much of the stress associated with zone identification

The method for identifying Supply and Demand Zones is now much more mechanical and reproducible. This relieves much of the stress associated with zone identification, which improves a trader’s ability to trade effectively. What was once as much “art” as “science” has been reduced to “push the button, eat the banana” simplicity. Michelle Volmering is the consummate professional. She knows her stuff and delivers it to the students with boundless energy and passion.

Jeff Peterson (Milwaukee, WI)

we go live and further the learning process

So far, in part 1 of the Pro Trader class, I’ve learned over the weekend how to: Identify market trends, identify supply and demand, odds enhancers to improve upon the decision to place a trade or not and live trading. Monday-Friday, we go live and further the learning process. Repetition is mother of all learning.

Amitabh Gupta (San Jose, CA)

You gain skill, confidence, and knowledge

The instructor and support staff were fantastic. You are constantly surrounded with highly enthusiastic, professional, and well disciplined individuals who have quality educational resources at their disposal, with the goal of creating a solid foundation for us students to build our future on. The best part of this experience is that you know you can succeed if you are willing to be as disciplined at home as you were taught here in the classroom. You gain skill, confidence, and knowledge that is paramount to making successful supply and demand trades.

Mario S. (San Diego, CA)

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