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OTA is one of the most professional organizations that I’ve ever encountered

“Timeshare Salesmen” or “Professional Educators”? I recently attended the 3 hour preview session at the Toronto location, subsequently agreeing to attend the 3 day Market Timing workshop, for a cost of $150.00 which included my wife at no additional charge. Wanting to assess what I was getting into, I checked the reviews of OTA. To be perfectly frank, they were mixed – some were great, some were just average, while others compared them to timeshare salesmen. If you know anything about timeshare salesmen, they love you and leave you. They promise you the moon, only to subsequently find out that the week you purchased is almost worthless if you try to resell it. Furthermore, if you add up all the associated costs of the exchange programs annual fees it’s less expensive to just book packages. Comparing OTA to timeshare salesmen is a total misnomer. In a few words, OTA is one of the most professional organizations that I’ve ever encountered in an extensive business career. They are so confident in the value of their product, and that you’ll enroll in their program, that they’re willing to share an incredible amount of information during both the preview and marketing timing seminars. While I’ve signed up for several of their programs, I’ve already used information from the market timing session to my financial benefit. Furthermore, they guarantee their product not for 30 days, not for 1 or 2 years, but for life. As a matter of fact, they even encourage you to retake their classes recognizing that trading strategies are not stagnant, but an ever moving target or that they’re providing so much information that you need to retake the course to learn it all. The more time you spend with them, you are left with the feeling that they’re going to do everything possible to ensure their students success. They seem to have an extensive support and follow up program beginning with your counselor who works to ensure that you’ll be a fit with the disciplines they’ve defined to be a successful trader. How many companies do you know that do that? Their instructors are first rate, sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise. They are very articulate, presenting market conditions, opportunities and the OTA programs in a very clear and concise manner. Rather than being educators or salesmen for the OTA programs, they’re all successful traders, so you have access to first hand rather than theoretical experience. Obviously, their programs are not inexpensive, but nothing is really for free and inevitably you get what you pay for. While I’ve not started my courses, I get the impression that it’s not a one sided transaction of selling you the courses, and your attending the sessions to only use what you may. There’s homework and preparation that you’re expected to do as ultimately they seem to subscribe to the practice that their ultimate success as a business is indirectly tied to the success of their students. I look forward to attending my first program beginning on September 10th.

Roy Cetlin (Toronto, Canada)

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