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very conducive to a learning environment

Last week, I took the Core Strategy Course at the Raleigh OTA campus. The course was led by Paul Itterly. Paul was very professional and thorough. He is a very effective instructor. The facility was very conducive to a learning environment. It was clean, well lit, and the staff was very friendly. Renee and Leigh Ann were particularly helpful and accommodating. I stayed at the Embassy Suites directly adjacent to the OTA facility and that made things very easy. The hotel was excellent, and with the OTA rate, I would recommend it to anyone. I left the class with a positive psychology, a trading plan, and TradeStation and Oanda trading platforms installed on my laptop and ready to go. All in all, I would recommend this part of this program to anyone who is interested in leaving the retail trading public community and moving towards becoming a professional.

Rob Russell (San Jose, CA)


WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE! I absolutely enjoy OTA and everything that they have to offer. Great experience, a lot to learn but definitely worth the effort! Highly recommended to anyone who is willing to take their life to the next level. Amazingly friendly, welcoming and family oriented personnel, always willing to go out of their way and more to help and support their students.
Thank you, OTA Tampa Bay – Kevin, Brian, Beverly, Matthew, Haydee, Dennis and David, for all that you do!

Samija Konakovic (Tampa Bay, FL)

have found the class to be very helpful

I am a 62 year old retired school principal and am new to trading; in fact I just completed my Pro Trader 7 day class in September of 2016 and the Futures class in November. I am taking the Online Futures Retake taught by Ryan Watkins and have found the class to be very helpful and is assisting in understanding the content. I appreciate Ryan’s style and delivery. It has helped me a great deal. Thank you Ryan!

David Jones (Philadelphia, PA)

With the class you get access to everything you could ever need

OTA hosts the most engaging, supportive, and comprehensive classes to help jump start your trading adventure. When I took the class, I was 20. There was a giant age range spanning from 13 through 60’s. This is truly for all ages. Everyone worked amazingly as a team. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and is a former student himself. Being that he was a former student, he could easily bring his explanations down to our level. With this strategy, you don’t have to be right 100% of the time to be profitable. With the class, you get access to everything you could ever need. Pro-picks are posted everyday and there are many other online classes to watch and attend at your leisure. Once a part of OTA, they never leave your side.

Lauren Knight (Baltimore, MD)

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