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truly a school that cares for the students’ success

The Online Trading Academy is truly a school that cares for the students’ success. When you sign up for one course you become a member of the academy for life. As a member you can retake the course over and over again. The staff at Ridgefield Park are always friendly and helpful. The instructors are professional traders and some of them were students at the Academy. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who is committed to becoming a successful trader. Luis Losas has always been very helpful and does a good job as a Student Support Specialist and Trade Station 101 class instructor. Last September I took a Core Strategy Review class with him and I was impressed with his performance as instructor. Great Job Luis!

Delma Hagen (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

Both instructors were excellent

I finished the Traadestation 101 course with Luis Losa and Scott Chrisan and came out of this class with a base knowledge with incentive to learn more. Both instructors were excellent.

Frank Bromberg (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

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