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It has been a real pleasure

Steve is a superb teacher. He combines immense knowledge and understanding with the ability to explain the subject clearly and logically, while still being entertaining and humorous. It has been a real pleasure to be one of his students and I have no doubt that everybody will leave with a real interest in options and sufficient understanding to pursue that interest and become successful options traders. He is the best instructor I have had thus far (the 4th) and I look forward to applying the skills I have learned from him profitably.

Kendall Carey (Toronto, Canadad)

Steve was an excellent instructor

Steve was an excellent instructor. His ability to explain complex ideas in simple, everyday terms with examples that were easy to understand contributed greatly to what I got out of the class. I really enjoyed having him as an instructor and plan to use options as the key part of my trading strategy.

Roberto Ramirez (Milwaukee, WI)

Online Trading Academy is changing my life

I know I am a novice at trading. Online Trading Academy treats me with dignity and respect in regards to my abilities. The courses I have taken (Market timing, Pro-Trader, Options) have greatly expanded my understanding of all the possibilities I have to grow my wealth/nest egg. Online Trading Academy is changing my life. Thanks for having instructors like Steve Moses.

Paul Wheeler (Houston, TX)

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