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I really can’t say enough good about OTA

Minneapolis OTA is fantastic! Staff is very friendly and welcoming. Every time you walk in the door they make you feel like they’re thrilled to see you. There is no doubt about the passion to help you on the path to being a successful trader, using a rules based approach with risk management being front and center. I really can’t say enough good about OTA. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Lynn Gregorash (Minneapolis, MN)

The fear of trading is conquered

OTA is a gem! I have often leafed through stock magazines amazed at how one could trade, not to mention make money from it. As I take the courses I am placed right in the midst of professional trading: how the markets work; how to safeguard my money; how to take intelligent risks; how to discipline myself through core strategies; and how to analyze the markets- whether they are up or down, to make money. The fear of trading is conquered by knowing where to find supply and demand through the story that the market gives me. That is exciting!!!

Christopher Zachery (Atlanta, GA)

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