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I am giving Online Trading Academy 100% credit for any of this success

I want to share this information with you. I am giving Online Trading Academy 100% credit for any of this success (and learning to have nerves of steel). Between Brandon’s strategies, Sam’s insight, the encouragement from Joann and Mike, and Chuck being the reason I joined MM….I’m not doing this for bragging rights or any of that garbage, but I want you guys to take a look at some of these results since November 2013. I want to thank all of you so much for being a huge impact on my life. It’s truly made a massive difference. Most of these trades were Nat Gas, Heating Oil, Crude Oil, and Aussie. Not a single trade on the equities. In addition, my average time in trade is 9 hours 18 minutes. When I was losing it was 30 minutes or less…. That is extremely remarkable, and something I would absolutely encourage you to teach in class. I took a leave from Online Trading Academy and the XLT’s to focus on my business funding company. This forced me to allow my futures trades to play out, not even keep TradeStation open, and this is the outcome. Money… and for me… lot’s of it. You can also see these are not one hit wonder traders. I’m averaging about 40-50 trades a month and am profitable 85% of the time. Again, thank you so much for everything you guys do.

Nick Bentley (Tampa, FL)

Would like to share a successful trade

Would like to share a successful trade that I have taken over the past two days: Setup-NGG14, Entry-4.271, Stop-4.225, T-15.139, Contracts-1 …. Buy more during pull backs, Strategy-Swing trade, multiple days to a week. What happened? Entry-4.236 [Price gapped down with TS limit order fill adjustment], Contracts-Just 1 because no pull backs, Exit-Moved stop loss to 4.578 and got out, Why?-Exit Rode a major Bull run. News event tomorrow. I didn’t want to risk taking a good profit. I feel that I have come out of the trade a little early; decision by choice. Profit-$3420!

Pradeep Tumati (San Jose, CA)

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