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Your chances to become a successful trader are much higher with OTA

Thank you OTA team, Gabe Velazquez, Scott Marigioglio and Ed Ponzi. Thank you for sharing the knowledge to become a successful trader. I have always believed that one of the most important things in life is to invest in yourself. OTA is such a PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTION. As an OTA student, they provide you with videos, reading materials, life classes in a classroom or via video conference. In both classes they make you participate, they teach you how to trade, how to analyze the charts, how to set the trade. But the most important thing is that they teach you how to manage your risk. The teachers or instructors are not just instructors, they are real traders that are very successful at trading, I checked their names in google and I am very impressed with who they are. My instructors are people that have been on the TV financial news and in the news papers because of their knowledge of the markets. It is like if Lionel Messi, in person, is teaching you how to play soccer or Tom Brady is instructing you how to pass the ball. Your chances to become a successful trader are much higher with OTA than trying to learn trading on your own.

Gustavo Baez (Orlando, FL)

A big thanks to Robert, you’re a great instructor

I wanted to take a quick moment to show my appreciation for your Instructor, Robert Dummar. I was lucky enough to have Robert teach my Market Timing Orientation class in Charleston, SC this April. It’s an understatement to say that Robert lifted the veil of mystery on the markets in general. I learned more in those three days under Robert’s guidance than I had in several college classes. Not only did Robert educate me, but he shared his passion of the industry and lit my fire to not only learn, but to apply my education for real, life-changing benefits! Just last week I ran into Robert at the Raleigh office. I was taking my Core Strategy Class and Robert was doing another Market Timing Orientation class. Robert not only remembered me, but invited myself along with a few other interested students to sit in on a live online Mastermind Community Clubhouse XLT he was hosting that evening. WOW! The experience was eye opening, entertaining and enlightening! Robert explained complex material and ideas in a simple and comprehensible way. While I may not have understood all of it, I was able to understand the majority of it and the larger picture and concepts as a whole. Robert went above and beyond to include us in this event and it was greatly appreciated. It was both motivational and insightful to see what actually goes on at the Mastermind level. A big thanks to Robert, you’re a great instructor, motivator and a real asset to Online Trading Academy!

Adam Webb (Raleigh, NC)

There can be no question about who are the go-to teachers in Trading

I’ve not known of any other Trading Course that carries such a sense of substance and safe and sound, but courageous hands. With the life-long learning, and the global lifelong membership approach, there can be no question about who are the go-to teachers in Trading. In the first 3 days of introduction, once the euphoria of knowledge kicks in, the Online Trading Academy will teach you how to actually navigate and land the proverbial airplane of Trading, as well as take off from the ground. I think most traders think they are professionals just because we can grab the steering wheel of the proverbial airplane in mid air, and then pretend to ourselves that we can fly and we are pilots (an analogy the wonderful Teacher Jose would appreciate). This misconception is easily done. With the Online Trading Academy, they will take you beyond just 3 days of euphoric knowledge and value towards the viable substance of education.

Kehinde Adeyemi (London, UK)

The part about changing lives is not just rhetoric

I was surprised to learn that the OTA truly cares about its students and each individual’s welfare on the most basic of human levels. The part about changing lives is not just rhetoric to collect tuition. When you join the OTA you join a larger community of traders, and those traders welcome everyone regardless of experience. The OTA embraces those students who are motivated to learn the core principles and become professional traders. It’s a great adventure and I recommend it to all. If you sign up you will be encouraged (and challenged) to grow in ways few people ever experience. You’ll make some new friends too!

Jeff Bullio (San Jose, CA)

Online Trading Academy is the best trading education company

Online Trading Academy is the best trading education company I’ve experienced in the market today. They are well run, have terrific education content available online and in classrooms, and have outstanding and knowledgeable instructors who are very experienced traders themselves. I am excited I chose Online Trading Academy and expect a successful future in trading because of the education and ongoing support Online Trading Academy provides. They are professional and very supportive.

Kurt Menner (Secaucus, NJ)

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