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Wayne’s sessions are amazing

Wayne’s sessions are amazing. Please let him do a spotlight session and/or a multi-day class delving into options on futures (FTYBR, Boxcars, etc…). He is a wonderful contributor and I would love to get a session longer than an hour.

Lisa Highberger (Charlotte, NC)

OTA is an excellent choice

I’m going to share my own experience with trading and OTA, mentioning that my goal is to be a full-time trader. Currently I’m working as Sr. software engineer at a brokerage firm in Europe. I was following OTA years ago but I didn’t join it at that time cause of the cost. So, I decided to educate myself and took some other courses but I always felt that I missed somethings because my trading results weren’t that good. So, a year ago I decided to join OTA but really slowly to evaluate my education investment, mentioning that I have some trading experience or at least that’s what I thought. I enrolled only in one course with OTA which is Core Strategy. After I finished it, I gained a huge amount of information which I didn’t know before. After that I decided to continue with the other courses like Futures, Options and MasterMind program. Thanks for the OTA team. They helped me to arrange my education track to fit with my plan and provided me with all the tools and ideas to reach my goal as quickly as possible. When I joined the MasterMind program, I figured out there is information, trading ideas and trading strategies more than I would ever think about. For sure, I’m so happy with my education investment because my trading results started to become better. I’m also busy with developing my own automatic trading application. Thanks again for OTA education. Now I’m at the end of my track but do you think the education stops here? No, the best thing in OTA is that they have a community of students, experienced students and instructors who provide new trade ideas and strategies and discuss it every single day. Finally, trading is like any career, you need to invest time, effort and money to reach your goal. If you want to take trading as your career, become a part-time trader or to increase your income, OTA is an excellent choice.

Wael Desouky (Dubai, UAE)

Not only did the class have a great instructor, but the group was simply awesome.

TradeStation Charting is a necessary tool to be successful in trading stocks, futures, or options. The first two hours of the first day of the class I did not understand much of what we were doing. Jerry, our instructor, was very patient and assured us that by the end of the day we would feel more confident, and even more after the second day. Jerry was right! I feel more confident now. Not only did the class have a great instructor, but the group was simply awesome.

Daniel Santos (Los Angeles-Woodland Hills)

Russ does a very good and thorough job of explaining everything for the beginner

Russ does a very good and thorough job of explaining everything for the beginner. I have been an OTA member for about a year now, so I have had the opportunity to listen to his Options XLT before coming to class. The first two days were all from the XLTs, which made the class welcoming and reassuring. By the third day we were able to start planning our own personal options trading strategies that met our individual needs.

Allan Reitan (Seattle, WA)

Very good priceless learning experience

Option course has been taken at new address in Toronto. Pleasant to say I found very good priceless learning experience with professional instructor trader, Greg Hadley. Course was well organized with good technical and materials support from Jamie Nedelkov. Highly recommend to attend OTA courses in Toronto location, easy to reach to new address by highway 404 and 401. Thanks.

Yuriy Nigovan (Toronto, Canada)

I learned a lot

Great trading class experience. I learned a lot and can’t wait start my trading with options. And awesome staff in Woodland Hills.

Dexter Carlos (Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA)

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