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I find OTA is like a family

OTA has been a great way for me to learn the art and methodologies of successful trading. I will say that I had sticker shock with the pricing, but over time using the techniques taught I expect to recover my investment within the first year. Everyone I have met is super friendly, approachable and willing to help me or point me to the best resources. The classes are on site and online, they have some brilliant instructors such as Eric Burleigh, Josip Causic and Ken Peterson that not only answer your classroom questions but give you time on a one on one basis to help with individual questions and concerns. I find OTA is like a family or community willing to help me obtain my online trading financial goals with a vested interest in me being successful. There are lifetime class retakes with my spouse and I have access to the instructors at all times as my mentors. I highly recommend OTA Seattle if you are motivated to learn, practice and be successful in online trading of stocks, options, futures or forex.

Steve Pratt (Seattle, WA)

I highly recommend this class

Most of the courses that I have taken at OTA have been well taught, and Options Trading was as well. Greg Hadley kept the class moving at a fast clip and passed on a lot of knowledge. His enthusiasm was right on target and made the learning experience real fun. I know that Options Trading will be a great benefit to me in my endeavor to become a better trader. I highly recommend this class.

Fred Posternak (Boston, MA)

Steve was an excellent instructor

Steve was an excellent instructor. His ability to explain complex ideas in simple, everyday terms with examples that were easy to understand contributed greatly to what I got out of the class. I really enjoyed having him as an instructor and plan to use options as the key part of my trading strategy.

Roberto Ramirez (Milwaukee, WI)

I look forward to many prosperous years of trading

As of today, I have taken most of the classes here at Online Trading Academy. They have all been excellent, and they all reinforced the Online Trading Academy supply and demand strategy. This last class was the options class which enhances my love for stock trading. I look forward to many prosperous years of trading with Online Trading Academy via XLT and Mastermind sessions.

Joanne Henderson (Atlanta, GA)

This was hugely beneficial to me personally

I have traded futures for over 25 years and did some options trading, but not much. I thought I knew a lot about options but Larry broke it down into 4-5 areas, each easy to follow and absorb. This was hugely beneficial to me personally and will allow me to re-organize my trade plan to include options regularly. Thanks.

Mike Thomas (Kansas City, MO)

Online Trading Academy is changing my life

I know I am a novice at trading. Online Trading Academy treats me with dignity and respect in regards to my abilities. The courses I have taken (Market timing, Pro-Trader, Options) have greatly expanded my understanding of all the possibilities I have to grow my wealth/nest egg. Online Trading Academy is changing my life. Thanks for having instructors like Steve Moses.

Paul Wheeler (Houston, TX)

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