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They don’t just leave you to fend for yourself after class!

I feel like I have definitely progressed throughout the week. I am excited to continue my learning once I leave class. It is also incredibly good to know that I have an amazing support team available to me here at OTA Phoenix that I can access for help with whatever I need. That fact really is huge and I believe it separates OTA from other trading schools. They don’t just leave you to fend for yourself after class!

Mike Dibble (Phoenix, AZ)

I love our trading center in Phoenix

I love our trading center in Phoenix. It is really family to me. Here, everyone is very helpful in many ways. The instructors and support staff, like Jenifer, Joe and Ron, provide personal assistance and guidance to achieve our goals, even if it takes a long time until the knowledge and experience blend together. They are also very helpful even when it comes to helping with a dead battery in the car. When my car’s battery died, my Road Assistance offered to tow my car to a body shop to the change battery. Consider that I live 3 hours away, it would be a long and stressful experience. But thank God for friendly staff who is helpful not in words only. Toure Gray helped to change the battery in 30 minutes, so much for faster help from Road Assistance. Trading is not easy but with our staff here, learning how to trade is possible.

Yelena Arevalo (Phoenix, AZ)

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