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I am completely happy with my experiences with both corporate and local OTA

When I was first contacted by OTA in July 2014 I was very skeptical of getting involved with yet another “expert” on the markets. I have been trading since 1996 and have had many, many companies approach me over the years. Some I have become involved with but most I have dismissed. I started with a free half day seminar just to see what they had to offer. I was impressed and moved forward to a 3 day seminar and then became a customer. They call us students and the term is completely appropriate. OTA has a company philosophy of being there for its students with a goal of educating them in the OTA method of trading and of how the markets work so that they can be successful traders. OTA has an amazingly full suite of education available for every type of trader, whether you trade daily, swing trade or long term and all markets – stocks, futures, forex, options. When you sign up to take a course with OTA, you get lifetime retakes on the course as well as 3 to 5 two hour online live classes in the markets. They also have a ton of supplementary educational support tools such as a weekly newsletter, email support to ask any question you want, review of your individual trades, a daily internet radio show, student and instructor blogging, weekly specialty training, weekly core strategy review and more. This is all included as being a student at OTA and having taken one course with them. All of that is from the corporate OTA office. We also have an amazing local office in Minnesota where every student has an education counselor you can discuss your trading with, special student support staff, monthly review sessions, special training from time to time. All of this is free as part of being a student of OTA. I am completely happy with my experiences with both corporate and local OTA. So much so that I have recently joined their MasterMind Club; and that has been even more enlightening and beneficial than I expected. I recommend OTA to anyone who wants to truly learn how to trade in any financial market. If you do the work you will be rewarded.

Chuck Phillips (Minneapolis, MN)

I was living on a wing and a prayer but not anymore

Some people refer to trading as gambling. They are right unless they have the skills to make an informative decision with a professional education from Online Trading Academy. OTA offers a world class education with 35 centers and 100 instructors worldwide and will teach you to trade like a pro and not like the novice gambler. OTA offers a huge variety of online resources and onsite classroom participation with some of the best pro traders in the world. Their patented program and education will teach you what it’s like to be a pro in a lot less time than it will take to get a college degree. My investment has given me a new start and hope as I reach my pre-retirement years. I was living on a wing and a prayer but not anymore with the ongoing education and support I receive from my Online Trading Academy! Thanks Online Trading Academy! I would also like to add that the Minneapolis, MN location is an incredible support system. My calls are answered or returned promptly, when I need help with my computer I just need to bring it in, and I will say that the staff is top notch. They make all students feel welcome as they are a part of the community, which to me seems to be the backbone of this location and OTA in general. For years I have had to rely on others to make my success and now I only rely on myself and my school at OTA.

Tracy Ellingson (Minneapolis, MN)

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