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excellent in their ability to teach the Online Trading Academy’s core strategies

The instructors and local teachers at the Online Trading Academy are excellent in their ability to teach the Online Trading Academy’s core strategies. It is not an easy skill to learn, it depends on the individual’s willingness to commit to learn the strategies. However, the instructors and local teacher/helpers, especially Ryan, Nick and Alex, are the best and are there to help you become the successful trader one wants to be.

Ray Spicher (Denver, CO)

what a refreshing experience!

When I was trading on my own I was a consistently losing money, no matter how much I gained. It was a very frustrating experience, so I just gave up. Many years later, I decided to begin looking again for information about trading, saw an advertisement for your services on “Colorado’s Best” on Channel 2 in Denver with Paula Haddock — and I know she promotes “the good guys” so I decided to call. I was pleasantly surprised at how willing everyone was to help us understand the system, and help transition us into the classes. I don’t think I would have signed up on my own without that. I was really impressed with the LACK of attitude, or “we’re the best” mentality, but even more impressed with all of the staff who consistently demonstrated a friendly, helpful, desire to genuinely help everyone learn, regardless of their personal situation, and become successful at trading. I really appreciated the “can do” emphasis on becoming a true professional doing this, and making it your own full-time career and/or business in the longer term. I also found that in interacting with the other students, they seemed to adopt many of the same positive attitudes demonstrated by all of the staff at the training center, and were also becoming like-minded, which was very encouraging. There was NEVER any “smoke and mirrors,” “high pressure,” or anything like that to join the classes, trade, or do anything I didn’t want to — what a refreshing experience!

Gregory Powell (Denver, CO)

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