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you just can’t go wrong taking the courses

I recently had to take a break from trading to relocate and after 6 months off I felt I needed a jump start to get my mind back into the game. One of the best advantages to being a student of Online Trading Academy is the ability to retake the class free of charge at any time. I signed up for a retake at OTA Chicago’s Pro Trader class. It was really great to be in the classroom again and taking the course with a different instructor. Scott Stokes gave a great and different point of view on trading and that really got me fired up to get back into the trades once again. If you are considering trading then you just can’t go wrong taking the courses at OTA Chicago. You will get the best edge possible and learn from the best instructors. Do yourself a favor and get educated before you trade, it’s worth the time and money spent. Buying a cheap book will never give you what a live class will, and having OTA behind you for support is the best foundation you could have. Thank you, OTA Chicago.

Jericho Casper Von Dragon (Chicago, IL)

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