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What a great experience from an outstanding teacher

I received an invitation to attend a signature Series, Advance Futures class presented by Michelle Volmering. The course is an understanding and analysis of the candles as a change in trend develops, either an uptrend from a demand zone or downtrend from a supply zone. What an extraordinary three day class on understanding the directional change and how to profit early on in the change or affirm the retracement. What an excellent odds enhancer not taught in “core strategy” or the Futures asset class but is a superb tool to build on DZ and SZ understanding by a super instructor and long-time futures trader. What a great experience from an outstanding teacher. Congratulations to Michelle!

David Sellers (Atlanta, GA)

The XLT’s are great

After taking the OTA Futures class my head was full of cobwebs AND I wondered if I would ever be able to make sense of the vast amount of information crammed into my head that week. Overwhelmed and tired the instructor said she could see the strain upon our faces. Her answer, begin the online XLT classes as soon as possible. 2 Months later I have a very clear understanding of core strategy, chart reading and the direction in which I want to go. The XLT’s are great and around every corner is another avenue of learning! Thank you, Michelle Volmering and ALL the staff at Online Trading Academy in Germantown, WI, for all your kindness, excellent hospitality and for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Lynelle Heinzeroth & Josh Denk Stoughton (Milwaukee, WI)

This relieves much of the stress associated with zone identification

The method for identifying Supply and Demand Zones is now much more mechanical and reproducible. This relieves much of the stress associated with zone identification, which improves a trader’s ability to trade effectively. What was once as much “art” as “science” has been reduced to “push the button, eat the banana” simplicity. Michelle Volmering is the consummate professional. She knows her stuff and delivers it to the students with boundless energy and passion.

Jeff Peterson (Milwaukee, WI)

Superior service to your students

Seeing chart data on whiteboard is sometimes challenging. However, Atlanta Online Trading Academy staff and instructors are the absolute best!!!! Adam went out of his way to keep the class going and students informed during the snow storm. He kept his cool and upbeat attitude through all. Michelle, thanks for teaching from the hotel lobby for two full days and staying with us!!! Superior service to your students!

Paula Pate (Atlanta, GA)

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