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OTA is a catalyst of learning

OTA is not my first school for online trading. It is my third. The first two were great at presenting strategies and information; however, they were often late to the ways of the market and fast to move on to the next town. One of the many strengths of OTA is their brick and mortar schools, the constant updating of curriculum to provide the best pathways for students to achieve their financial and personal goals. Instructor-wise, I have not seen a better team of individuals dedicated to providing the information and motivation for we (the students), to transform our lives to not benefit only ourselves, but all that surround us. This may sound trite. It is not. The OTA folks (Leadership, Instructors,and Support Personnel practice this all day, every day.)
I am still paper trading and over the last few months am gaining confidence. I still have 2 asset classes to go and I am so excited to do so. OTA is a catalyst of learning.

Marty Strohecker (Atlanta, GA)

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