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Trading Academy is like no other education

This Trading Academy is like no other education I have pursued. It is truly out-of-the-box training for success. The team at the West Palm Beach location is outstanding. I’ve had the privilege to be counseled by Sukhi Mahal, she is extremely supportive and provides straightforward direction. My Forex teacher, Jody Wong, is a genius from another planet. I am blessed to have him as my instructor as he is unquestionably the best in his field, ‘Jody is the bomb’. And KUDOS to my mentor, Kareem, my personal instructor who truly goes out of his way to share his talents and generosity in a most professional and patient manner, enabling me to better understand and pursue my goals. Thanks to the entire West Palm Beach team, you really make my time here pleasurable. A special thank you to a very special greeter, Ms. Gabriella, who receives all with a smile, is always informative and secures good food for us while there.

Dulce Ortiz (West Palm Beach, FL)

I am really glad I took the class

I just completed my Core Strategy class and I must confess, I am really glad I took the class. The instructor was awesome, he made things real and he always made sure he had everyone with him as he progressed. The whole program was well planned and excellently executed. Not even for once did anything fall below expectation. I am planning to take my FOREX class immediately.

Kpapu Nyande (New York City, NY)

Rick Wright did an excellent job of presenting materials

I have only completed the orientation thus far, but had to say that instructor Rick Wright did an excellent job of presenting materials, principles of OTA trading and, worst of all, the ugly reality of just how markets work to the overwhelming disadvantage of the little guy. I was inspired enough by Rick’s presentation to sign up for the Mastermind course without reservation. Thanks again, Rick.

Jeffrey Schultz (Tampa Bay, FL)

Great class by OTA

My Core Strategy class by Taylor Frame at OTA was very intensive and I learned a lot. Awesome class, Taylor made sure everyone understood what he was teaching. Great class by OTA.

Thakor Patel (Atlanta, GA)

about as hands on and personal with each and every student as one could be

When my son, who had taken the same class with Greg two weeks before, said, “You HAVE to take this class with Greg- you are gonna love him and the class.” That was an understatement.
This instructor, besides being exceptionally experienced in option trading, is about as hands on and personal with each and every student as one could be. That makes a difference to me and many others in the class who might have missed a point or a concept. He doesn’t leave it until you got it! This gentleman does not present information, he “teaches” it and is exceptionally entertaining and humorous as he does it. He missed his real calling- being a stand up comedian- just kidding, all in good fun, Greg. If you take his class, you will appreciate my last comment. He is sincerely worth the effort to change your schedule to be in his class when he is in your area.

Michael Cudipp (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

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