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really enjoying this Futures Class

My wife, daughter & I are really enjoying this Futures Class. Our instructor, Jerry Baldwin has taught us so much & made it so easy. He engages with every single person in the classroom. We have a lot of support between Ron, Jen, AJ, & Nagel. My family & I are truly thankful.

Juan Esquivez (Scottsdale, AZ)

2 thumbs up to you

Mrs. Yearton was my instructor for an introduction half day class. She was informative and seemed to know a lot on trading, options, futures, So I took the next 3 day class. Thank you, Mrs. Katy Yearton. 2 thumbs up to you. And Wow!!!!!!! Mr Moledina knows his stuff. I learned so much in 3 days. I am so thankful I could attend this 3 day class I now look forward to being able to sign up and become a student and learn more. Just this 3 day class has helped me so much. Thank you, Mr. Moldedina and the Trading Academy team.

Scott Sherman (Kansas City, KS)

the information given to me is very valuable

I attended OTA for training in futures trading. I feel that the information given to me is very valuable in assisting me in my trading. I learned a lot about the mechanics of futures trading. They also show you how to figure out where you are in regards to where trades should be placed. Also, risk/reward psychology was taught and is very valuable to trading.

Mark Daigle (Houston, TX)

This futures class was so awesome

This futures class was so awesome! Wayne did a great job of leading the class with his knowledge & really helped everyone grasp the concepts. He was thoughtful of the class as a whole and really focused on each student and their questions. The highlight of his class was learning the breakout trades which I don’t believe would have been so emphasized through other instructors! He went into a lot of detail on how to become successful with them in a short period of time, & is even answering questions through e-mail after class as I think of them! Thank you, Wayne & OTA, for everything you do, I am so excited and happy I have decided to become a student with you!

Larissa Dirks-Bingham (Seattle, WA)

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