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They don’t just leave you to fend for yourself after class!

I feel like I have definitely progressed throughout the week. I am excited to continue my learning once I leave class. It is also incredibly good to know that I have an amazing support team available to me here at OTA Phoenix that I can access for help with whatever I need. That fact really is huge and I believe it separates OTA from other trading schools. They don’t just leave you to fend for yourself after class!

Mike Dibble (Phoenix, AZ)


WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE! I absolutely enjoy OTA and everything that they have to offer. Great experience, a lot to learn but definitely worth the effort! Highly recommended to anyone who is willing to take their life to the next level. Amazingly friendly, welcoming and family oriented personnel, always willing to go out of their way and more to help and support their students.
Thank you, OTA Tampa Bay – Kevin, Brian, Beverly, Matthew, Haydee, Dennis and David, for all that you do!

Samija Konakovic (Tampa Bay, FL)

This class exceeded my expectations

Pro Trader is a fast paced 7 day class designed to teach the process, rules, and platform at the basic level. There is A LOT of instruction and practical application in a live environment. I expected to walk away understanding “how” and “why” to execute a trade. This class exceeded my expectations. Much like playing a musical instrument, learning the notes doesn’t mean one can make music. We’ve been taught the notes. Practice will make the process easier, and specific training in the desired asset along with the wealth of help offered through OTA will have me playing music very soon. Thanks for a great week!!

Michael Williams (Kansas City, MO)

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