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really enjoying this Futures Class

My wife, daughter & I are really enjoying this Futures Class. Our instructor, Jerry Baldwin has taught us so much & made it so easy. He engages with every single person in the classroom. We have a lot of support between Ron, Jen, AJ, & Nagel. My family & I are truly thankful.

Juan Esquivez (Scottsdale, AZ)

It’s been a good couple of weeks here

Last year I retired from a federal career and invested my TSP with a money management firm. After an initial meeting, I felt confident that they would be able to keep my money safe, and help it grow. But a couple of months later I realized that I was losing almost $1000 each month. I heard about Online Trading Academy and decided to find out more of what they could offer. After just two classes, Core Strategy and Futures, I am now ready to go head to head with my money ‘mis’-management company, get my money back, and start taking care of 20 years of savings the right way, my way, the way OTA has taught, and is still, teaching me. It’s been a good couple of weeks here, being in a quickly paced but thorough learning environment. Joel is here to help figure which classes will help us meet our goals …Ron is here to help out and answer questions, and Jenafer is always running around making sure that we have food and drinks to help us through the day, also there to answer any questions we might have. I want to thank you all for being here for us …. with plenty of resources to turn to even after our classes have finished.

Rick Francisco (Phoenix, AZ)

I could not have picked a better academy

I have been a student of OTA now for around two years, coming in to the industry without any experience whatsoever. I have currently taken both the Forex classes and the latest Futures Class with Sam Evans. In my opinion, I could not have picked a better academy to train and build my knowledge with, the courses are both very professionally structured along with the instructors themselves being of a very high standard. Excellent all round.

Bryan Cassar (London, UK)

Sam has clearly shown me where to place a trade

After spending a week in the Futures Class with Sam Evans, I am now able to plan my trades and strategies with confidence. I feel such a relief to finally see the wood from the trees; and I am confident with every decision I make since I have been disciplined to have a stop loss, a target and good entry point. Sam has clearly shown me where to place a trade with low risk and high probability. I can approach the market now with a rule based strategy void of emotions. Thank you, Sam, for your enthusiasm and passion. Thank you OTA for excellent instructors.

Frank Woollard (London, UK)

a must for anyone wanting to trade in futures

The futures trader class is a must for anyone wanting to trade in futures. Tillie Allison is an exceptional instructor. Tillie is very aware of each student’s progress and is excellent at following up with each student. I would highly recommend Tillie to anyone wanting to take the Future Traders Class.

Warren Hollingsworth (Kansas City, MO)

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