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It’s not an easy journey but if you want it, you are at the right place

If you are seriously looking for a centre that will provide you with all the structured training elements required to make you a professional trader, go to Online Trading Academy Dubai. I started my trading journey as a complete novice in February 2015 by attending their power trading workshop followed by the market timing class. As many of the other students were, I was at first a little suspicious whether or not this program was genuine. I did some research and found they have been based in Dubai since 2007 and after speaking to many of the staff and the instructor, I took the leap and signed up for their forex, futures and options trading course packages and have never looked back. If you are committed, disciplined, focused and desire real change, their team will support you with all that you need to become a professional trader. This is a journey not a one off course. A little over a year down the line and I am already very confident. A great part of the packages are the classroom courses which you can retake as well as their online extended learning training (XLT) courses which allow you to log in any time and attend live or recorded sessions and practice their techniques yourself at home. I have already clocked 3000 hours of study and looking forward to going at trading full time. It’s not an easy journey but if you want it, you are at the right place. I recently went on to Investopedia and looked up trading schools. I was pleased to see OTA at the top of the list and very pleased I didn’t drop out after the first class. Want to trade professionally? Get in touch with these guys! I highly recommend my Education Counselor, Sibi Raja.

Caleb Steiner (Dubai, UAE)

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