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I have been trading forex and began the futures class at the end of August 2017, but have read and studied lots of books and gone to a number of classes. In all sincerity, there is no place else I would recommend other than OTA in DENVER COLORADO. Extremely friendly environment, quality teaching and real time learning. If you really desire to step into live trading in any area, I recommend Online Trading Academy of DENVER!!

Ed Schotten (Denver, CO)

I find OTA is like a family

OTA has been a great way for me to learn the art and methodologies of successful trading. I will say that I had sticker shock with the pricing, but over time using the techniques taught I expect to recover my investment within the first year. Everyone I have met is super friendly, approachable and willing to help me or point me to the best resources. The classes are on site and online, they have some brilliant instructors such as Eric Burleigh, Josip Causic and Ken Peterson that not only answer your classroom questions but give you time on a one on one basis to help with individual questions and concerns. I find OTA is like a family or community willing to help me obtain my online trading financial goals with a vested interest in me being successful. There are lifetime class retakes with my spouse and I have access to the instructors at all times as my mentors. I highly recommend OTA Seattle if you are motivated to learn, practice and be successful in online trading of stocks, options, futures or forex.

Steve Pratt (Seattle, WA)

real traders with decades of experience, always willing to help

My experience at OTA in Norwalk, CT has been nothing short of phenomenal. OTA offers instructors who are real traders with decades of experience, always willing to help with any questions you may have, in class or out of class via email. The staff is always pleasant, courteous and professional, offering tons of support whenever I needed it. I’m a nurse by profession, with no prior trading experience, and have only been trading live since January, and I’m already doing very well in the futures and Forex markets. I plan to trade full time by the end of this year. I recommend OTA for anyone who has a desire to learn how to successfully trade the financial markets.

Rudy Brown (Norwalk, CT)

The instructors were extremely good

I really enjoyed the training and I have started putting every thing together. With the FXCM demo account and constant practice, I should be able to trade in the next few moths. The instructors were extremely good with the skill of impacting knowledge and skill to others.

Samson Ajagbe (London, UK)

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