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OTA is a great organization

OTA is a great organization with a great community. Well organized, warm hospitality, and knowledgeable instructors. Finished Core Strategy class with John M. last month, and finished Futures class this month with Jerry B. Both great instructors. Huge fan of Darren, an amazing and brilliant instructor. I am confident this is going to change my financial future with such a deep understanding of trading. Great support system. Glad to be a part of it.

Raj G. (Irvine, CA)

I believe Online Trading Academy is the best

In July of 2018 I signed up with Online Trading Academy in Orlando to learn how I could make money in the markets and be able to protect my large nest egg in the future. Cassandra Galloway was my mentor. She answered my “many” questions and showed me how to prepare for my classes. She always had a smile and is a great motivator. I will owe much of my success in trading to her. I believe she is one of Online Trading Academy’s best employees. Gabriel Palmer in IT was also very helpful to me. He answered many of my computer questions including what type of computer would best help me. Diego and Chris were also quick to answer my questions with a smile. They are all great employees of Online Trading Academy, Orlando. I believe Online Trading Academy is the best company in the world for attaining your financial dream. I will learn everything Online Trading Academy has to offer and I will always remember Online Trading Academy in Orlando.

Lowell Hartman (Orlando, FL)

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