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diligent in conveying all of the important material

Greetings, I felt compelled to commend the manor and methods used by your instructor, John Napolitano during my recent Core Strategy update and retake for CliK and Trend focus. He was diligent in conveying all of the important material in a polite and soft spoken way, that reinforced the understanding to all in our class with courtesy and respect, and left me with the confidence and motivation that would inspire more in-depth education, and consistent practice, using these principals and strategies to the best of my ability. He also inspired me to sign up for an upcoming Options class (which I wish he was teaching). I thank you all at OTA for including him in your arsenal of instructors!

Robert Rockelein (Long Island, NY)

worthwhile and valuable

The “core strategy” material would have to be the reason why this class would be worthwhile and valuable, but the Teachers//Pro traders are the reason why this material is executable. Dale Sargood had perfect execution of the material and kept energy within the class interesting. He maintained order and I learnt quite a bit in a short period of time.

Michael S. (Toronto, Canada)

I am almost completely debt free, including 30k in tuition

My name is Damen Dinolfo, I came to the Online Trading Academy after suffering a tremendous loss due to hurricane and, to make matters worse, during the recovery effort I suffered a major back injury. I’m a professional race car/fabricator technician specializing in high end super cars. My business was destroyed, and more damaging was that I would no longer be able to earn the nice living I had been accustomed to because of my injury. My father one day was in the mall and just so happen to sign up for a market class, knowing that I have always liked the market and when I was 18 started to study for my series 7 test but drifted away and went on to pro racing. At that time I was home, basically nursing an injury and at the same time depressed that I had lost everything I had known and loved for so long. My father called me and said, “I’m taking a class, I have a plus one and think you should attend.” I attended and instantly knew this school was the real deal. At that time I did not have the money to purchase a package, so my father put it on a credit card in good faith that I would comprehend the course material and be able to pay him back. Long story short, I started with Pro Trader, then went on to futures classes. I have all asset classes since I bought the total solution but my main focus is the futures at this time. My teachers have been phenomenal, starting with my coaches Gabi, Jeff and Eric, along with my Pro Trader teacher being Chris. My future teachers have been Bob, Craig and Josip. These guy have changed my life, along with watching videos of Sam. I recommend this program to anyone that has an interest in the markets and is willing to put the time in to learn the strategy and curriculum.

Damen D. (New York City, NY)

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