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Thank you for the excellence in education

Last week Chuck Fulkerson had asked us to submit a review for the Pro Trader XLT he gave to the class. The letter is attached. I’d only add I’ve attended Platform Immersion, Trade Plan Prep and now have completed my second day of Futures with Don Dawson. All equally amazing.

Dear Chuck Fulkerson,

I wrote a lot of letters while serving as a medic in the US Army. That experience helped me become a very good note taker in college and now here with OTA. As example, this last week I recorded 16 pages of notes, (two lines, single-spaced) while attending the Tim Pesut Pro Trader class here in Minneapolis, and this wasn’t my first experience with the material.

Before I review Tim’s class, I would like to share that I’ve been with OTA for about one year, attending all asset classes within the first four months or so. My wife and I decided to move back to our home state after twenty-four years of practicing as Chiropractor in Wisconsin, and, to make a long story short, I needed to hire an associate doctor to free up my schedule. The process took a bit longer than I anticipated, which caused a lapse in my learning curve. Enrolling in the retake course has been enlightening, and based on taking multiple classes with differing instructors, my exposure to the OTA Program has been significant.

I’m not sure I can properly communicate to you the words to describe how impressed I am with the quality education and instructors who facilitate the OTA Program. I’ve been around the block a few times: B.S. degree, Doctorate in Chiropractic, multiple postgraduate certification programs, continuing ed., etc. My experience with the OTA instructors can be summed up in one word – amazing! From Mike Siewruk who did the Market Timing Workshop (a big reason why I joined OTA with my son Josh as MMC) to Scott Chrisan-Pro Trader, Ed Ponsi-Forex, and Craig Weil-Futures – all my instructors were informative, inviting, and very accommodating. They relay difficult material with patience and compassion. And they are genuinely interested in their students’ comprehension. Whatever policies and procedures are being used by OTA for selecting instructors, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Most recently, the Tim Pesut’s lecture in Minneapolis last week was over the top. The best week of education I’ve ever experienced anywhere. It was like being in the room with Mad Money Cramer amount of information yet taught to us in a much more John Wayne relaxed style of learning. I’m sure he would love that comparison. Tim’s ability to share market interrelationships and the dynamics of many asset classes as well as Equities was phenomenal; his material resonates with returners (like myself) and the first timers, who though feeling overwhelmed are able to glean important take-a-ways from his talks because of the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere Tim creates.

In addition to the material and instructors, this center is another example of OTA’S commitment to excellence. Kevin Young, the owner, is very dedicated and supportive to the needs of our students. Ray Hague runs a very smooth program. Monica keeps us all organized. My counselor, Shawn Johnson, and the student support staff, Spencer Lewis and Stephanie Struzyk, seem to always be available and eager to assist the students with their needs.

In summary, my experience with OTA across the board has been nothing short of a “WOW.” As I get ready to go live, I’m sure there will be struggles and many challenges. When I do have to face them I know there is a team of people available and ready to help.

Thank you for the excellence in education.

James Barr (Minneapolis, MN)

I Love All the OTA Instructors

I Love All the OTA Instructors, but I Really Love how Engaging Chuck Is! He is very clear in communicating his complex strategies in a very comprehensive yet methodical and easy way to understand, all with the most engaging and endearing personality.

Ruben Dante (Los Angeles, CA)

I am giving Online Trading Academy 100% credit for any of this success

I want to share this information with you. I am giving Online Trading Academy 100% credit for any of this success (and learning to have nerves of steel). Between Brandon’s strategies, Sam’s insight, the encouragement from Joann and Mike, and Chuck being the reason I joined MM….I’m not doing this for bragging rights or any of that garbage, but I want you guys to take a look at some of these results since November 2013. I want to thank all of you so much for being a huge impact on my life. It’s truly made a massive difference. Most of these trades were Nat Gas, Heating Oil, Crude Oil, and Aussie. Not a single trade on the equities. In addition, my average time in trade is 9 hours 18 minutes. When I was losing it was 30 minutes or less…. That is extremely remarkable, and something I would absolutely encourage you to teach in class. I took a leave from Online Trading Academy and the XLT’s to focus on my business funding company. This forced me to allow my futures trades to play out, not even keep TradeStation open, and this is the outcome. Money… and for me… lot’s of it. You can also see these are not one hit wonder traders. I’m averaging about 40-50 trades a month and am profitable 85% of the time. Again, thank you so much for everything you guys do.

Nick Bentley (Tampa, FL)

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