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they not only met but exceeded all my expectations

I was in search of financial trading that offers a variety of trading areas, not just one or two areas along with a school that has high reviews from past and present students. I attended an intro class followed by a more in-depth review of all that Online Trading Academy has to offer and found from the presentation that they not only met but exceeded all my expectations by offering a progressive education system and what they call their XLT (extended learning training) classes that are available in both in class and at home training that would fit my busy schedule. Work plays a very demanding format for me and finding the time to accommodating a new training regime is difficult at best. I have found I am more old school in that I need an in class format for learning coupled with online training. I attended their “Pro Trader” class, which is an in-depth training with a highly qualified instructor (Taylor) that has years of experience and gave several examples for trading and how to solve problems as they arose. They also spent a lot of time helping me understand the trading platform called “Tradestation”. Between new software and new education, their instruction allows for a very comprehensive understanding and execution of trading in a new format that is very useful. I followed up after class with online reinforcement to get a thorough understanding before continuing on with further education. Time past, and with help from my personal coach (Chris Shalls), I was able to schedule a following class in Forex. Forex was completely foreign to me, having no knowledge of this form of investing. With very little preparation for the new class thru various XLT programs I found that this class was challenging and yet very rewarding. Again, the instructor (Clifton Miller) exceeded in experience and instructional capacities that upon completion of class I found that building on Pro Trader class, that Forex is a very useful tool in gaining knowledge for a better investing knowledge along with a real ease of use on trading platform. I am looking forward to my next class in futures with high expectations that I am sure will be met. If you are looking for in-depth trading/investment education, this is the right place to either begin your journey or to enhance any current knowledge you may have from past experiences. They can also help you understand problems you faced in the past by promoting a healthy environment for learning. Definitely a 5 star plus experience. You will also find support staff eager to help in anyway they can and can connect you with experienced staff and/or additional training you may want or need.

Van Pinkerton (Atlanta, GA)

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