They go above and beyond

Houston OTA is state of the art and the staff couldn’t be any better. They go above and beyond to help each and every student to succeed. Their kindness and support is very noticeable as well as their Christian faith is. I learned so much from Houston OTA, and I am very eager to learn more as I develop each and everyday.

Chris Gehman (Houston, TX)

great place to learn investing

OTA provides good environment; nice and clean facility, good student services and supports. The counselors are well prepared for student’s educational goal. The videos online are very helpful. I had a full understanding of Core Strategy after watching the 6 videos (one hour each). The instructors in the video online are very detail oriented, patient and professional. This is a great place to learn investing.

Julia H. (Irvine, CA)

follow through is superb

I love how the information is given at the Milwaukee Online Trading Academy in that the instructors give not only lectures but also trading on the computer as well. Once you finish a course you may then retake the course if needed, online at your pace and your schedule. The follow through is “superb.” If you have a question regarding any topic Rick will get back to you in a very prompt manner. The instructors have “real world” experience which they bring to the courses. I am very glad that I started the program of courses and look forward to achieving my goals with the help of Online Trading Academy.

Dan Ernst (Milwaukee, WI)

found it to be an incredible financial journey

I have just completed Core Strategy and found it to be an incredible financial journey. I never thought I could manage my own money, but discovered upon retiring that I was not fiscally prepared to be retired. Being in class with an exceptional online trader and teacher (Craig Weil) has convinced me that I can learn to be responsible for my financial future. Also, the support staff is encouraging and committed to student success. In an ever changing global economy, I now feel more confident that I will be prepared to be a better steward of the resources God has entrusted to me.

Sharon Marion-Bohot (Houston, TX)

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