eye opening experience as regards the trading game

I just finished the 3 day introduction class with Chris Muldoon as the instructor. He is very exuberant, and very knowledgeable with the information. Everyone at the academy is friendly, helpful, patient, and very approachable. Loved the time that I was there. It was an eye opening experience as regards the trading game. I plan to continue my trading education, and would highly recommend this course to anyone in, or thinking about doing their own trading. I cannot state with enough positive adjectives to describe my time with OTA, Ft. Lauderdale. Ray Hague, Bret Fitzgerald, Chris, and especially Lisa for keeping the guys on time, and the nourishments supplied. Many thanks to all for the positive experience.

Lynne Pepper (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

so happy now because I feel independent financially and enlightened

I’d like to share my story with Online Trading Academy. I used to work as a Business Consultant in Ernst and Young and I’ve always been curious about how the Financial market works and what affects price motion, and how I can manage my own portfolio. Years passed ….and one of my friends introduced me to Online Trading Academy. Then, I decided to take courses and further my knowledge in this field with Online Trading Academy in Dubai; am so happy now because I feel independent financially and enlightened with all of the knowledge, support and guidance provided by our Instructor, Cherian Mathew and the academy team. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. Special thx to my instructor, Cherian Mathew for continuous support Ajmal Malakuzhiyil, my counselor and also very big thanks to Ryan Sandoval, my student support in the LA OTA Office.

Osama Rasoul (Dubai, UAE)

I’m thankful I decided to re-take this class

Great Teacher. His focus was not only teaching the mechanics of options trading but more importantly the reasoning behind the strategies involved. I’m thankful I decided to re-take this class and that Mr. Causic was in the driver’s seat. I would highly recommend future Options students to consider this instructor if your education entails learning more than just the mechanics.

John Piechowiak Sr. (Long Island, NY)

The information I learned from OTA was invaluable

The information I learned from OTA was invaluable and will be essential to my trading success. We were taught how to increase our trading odds and how to minimize losses should a trade go against you. OTA core strategy can be used to trade Options, Futures, Forex, or stocks. Since education is a continuous process, graduates can retake a course, join online learning via Extended Learning Tracks, or watch hundreds of posted videos taught by a variety of experienced Traders. Graduates are encourage to attend monthly meetups organized by fellow OTA graduates.

Alvin Tabalanza (Washington DC)

I loved this course

I loved this course and I am so excited to kiss my job goodbye and take my life back! I am having so much fun learning and executing trades, I couldn’t be happier about attending these courses. Thank you, OTA, for giving me the tools and education to start going towards my goals!!!

Shannon Johnson (Denver, CO)

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