Probably the best investment I have made

Just finished my first futures class with Jerry Baldwin at the D.C. office. The formulas and odds enhancer that Jerry taught us were CRAZY how they worked! There were 60+ year old adults acting like little kids at Christmas, me included. There is a positive atmosphere at the D.C. Office that I enjoy every time I attend class there. Everybody there has done all they can to help me and I appreciate it. Probably the best investment I have made! (GOODSTUFF GOODSTUFF)

Brent Epling (Washington DC)

the information given to me is very valuable

I attended OTA for training in futures trading. I feel that the information given to me is very valuable in assisting me in my trading. I learned a lot about the mechanics of futures trading. They also show you how to figure out where you are in regards to where trades should be placed. Also, risk/reward psychology was taught and is very valuable to trading.

Mark Daigle (Houston, TX)

great practice session instructor – calm demeanor

Todd Davis – great practice session instructor – calm demeanor; gets around rapidly to help multiple individual requests; good tips on minor chart manipulations that can seem frustrating to us new students; spent significant time at end of session responding to various questions about trading, trade plan, progression toward goals of increasing trade activity to help progress in trading experience, and matching potential trade asset classes to my progress/development as a trader.

Ken Gilfort (Salt Lake City, UT)

Trading Academy is like no other education

This Trading Academy is like no other education I have pursued. It is truly out-of-the-box training for success. The team at the West Palm Beach location is outstanding. I’ve had the privilege to be counseled by Sukhi Mahal, she is extremely supportive and provides straightforward direction. My Forex teacher, Jody Wong, is a genius from another planet. I am blessed to have him as my instructor as he is unquestionably the best in his field, ‘Jody is the bomb’. And KUDOS to my mentor, Kareem, my personal instructor who truly goes out of his way to share his talents and generosity in a most professional and patient manner, enabling me to better understand and pursue my goals. Thanks to the entire West Palm Beach team, you really make my time here pleasurable. A special thank you to a very special greeter, Ms. Gabriella, who receives all with a smile, is always informative and secures good food for us while there.

Dulce Ortiz (West Palm Beach, FL)

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