every time I turn on a XLT session (recorded or live) or study the site – I learn something valuable

Until now in my adult life, when I bought something big- a bit of “buyer’s remorse” always crept in. Not one time, however, has that been true for the classes I’ve bought and taken at the Dallas Online Trading Academy. Each course and the XLT’s have exceeded my expectations. I’ve told friends that every time I turn on a XLT session (recorded or live) or study the site – I learn something valuable. EVERY TIME. Used correctly, it is the big ticket purchase that keeps on giving. Yes, I’ve worked hard, but I’ve worked hard before only to lose money. My past has successfully proven that hard work alone won’t cut it. Only through and with the teachings and trade secrets of guys like Keith Gibson, Bob Dunn, Corey Lane and Ryan Watkins, am I making real my trading profits and objectives. You just can’t hang out with those guys without picking up some of that “special something” that reeks and pours out of the real professional traders. These guys are not only that, they are cool and gifted teachers. The coaching from these guys has been eye opening for me! The Dallas support (thanks Brock) is super helpful. Oh yes, a word about the Mastermind program, it is awesome and the daily levels are sweet…I just wish they included @NG…push on Sam and team to include it next time the list expands. All in all, I send a big thanks to all of Online Trading Academy worldwide. Thank you, Tom C. and Sean for building up the Online Trading Academy Dallas family. You Online Trading Academy guys and gals are for sure the real deal!!!!

Tom S. (Dallas, TX)

This course if a life changer for me

The Online Trading Academy course is amazing. I had the feeling as if I wanted to jump outside my skin all 3 days. Taylor injected into the class his positive experience and knowledge and helped me get through a great amount of information. I would recommend this class for anyone that is interested in trading, creating wealth or maintaining wealth. This course if a life changer for me!

Angelica A. (Atlanta, GA)

helped me maximise my gains

I have been trading for a while, and this course has boosted my confidence in my own research and analysis in trading the markets and has helped me maximise my gains.

Daniel P. (Mumbai, India)

All of my instructors and classes have been excellent

All of my instructors and classes have been excellent. It makes a huge difference that I can retake the class and learn different things from different instructors, or the same things in different ways, or pick up things I didn’t get the first time around. That makes all the difference in the world to be able to do that because of the learning curve and complexity of the material.

Lee J. (Seattle, WA)

I now know why I never made money trading options

Trading options without this type of in-depth education is a fool’s errand. Carefully working through all the ‘options’ that options trading offers with a professional trader and educator is the only way to begin to understand this subject. I now know why I never made money trading options in the past. Going forward and building a trading plan around what we learned will give me a winning edge.

Doug H. (Denver, CO)

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