happy that we finally decided to attend

My husband and I have wanted to attend an introduction course exposing us to bits and pieces of the program. We are happy that we finally decided to attend. Our primary goal is to take control of our retirement goals, and with OTA, we believe they will help us by teaching the principles of trading. Very excited!

Ann Hessil (Milwaukee, WI)

I have nothing but great things to say

Three words describe OTA in Vancouver: Professional, Helpful, Quality. From the start, their priority has been to support their students. This includes everything from clearing up questions, creating additional training opportunities to learn the Canadian trading platform, and having personal needs addressed quickly. The course material and content is top notch and instructors very knowledgeable. I have nothing but great things to say and would recommend OTA to anyone interested in wanting to learn about how to trade the market.

Tina Horstead (Vancouver, Canada)

I learned a lot from my recent options trader class

I learned a lot from my recent options trader class at Online Trading Academy. The instructor (Steve Moses) took a very simplified approach to teaching options… All of the staff and instructors at Houston’s Online Trading Academy are very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. The training they provide is hands-on using state-of-the-art equipment. They want their students to succeed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the multiple classes that I have taken at the Houston OTA.

Trent Hopkins (Houston, TX)

very conducive to a learning environment

Last week, I took the Core Strategy Course at the Raleigh OTA campus. The course was led by Paul Itterly. Paul was very professional and thorough. He is a very effective instructor. The facility was very conducive to a learning environment. It was clean, well lit, and the staff was very friendly. Renee and Leigh Ann were particularly helpful and accommodating. I stayed at the Embassy Suites directly adjacent to the OTA facility and that made things very easy. The hotel was excellent, and with the OTA rate, I would recommend it to anyone. I left the class with a positive psychology, a trading plan, and TradeStation and Oanda trading platforms installed on my laptop and ready to go. All in all, I would recommend this part of this program to anyone who is interested in leaving the retail trading public community and moving towards becoming a professional.

Rob Russell (San Jose, CA)

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