Online Trading Academy teaches a consistent and reproducible approach

Anyone who seriously intends to make consistent profits through trading needs education in the right way to identify, set up, and manage trades. There is so much bad information and hype in the media that you need to relearn most of what you may have picked up. Online Trading Academy teaches a consistent and reproducible approach that makes sense and that actually works. I started trading 2 years ago after taking a Pro Traders course, and through several other Online Trading Academy courses and continued support through the XLT program have managed to become a profitable professional trader. After taking the Futures course this week, I will add Futures to my trading practice and intend to increase profits more.

Jon G. (Kansas City, KS)

one learns so much of the reason “why” for doing each thing

The problem with online courses in general is that one does not have the community to provide the learning experience. This is not only completely solved by OTA, but one learns so much of the reason “why” for doing each thing. There are some things in life where it is completely necessary to know the “whys” as well as the “hows” and “whats,” trading is one of those things. Oh, and by the way, many of the “whys” that you learn at OTA are things not available to most others, except for professionals such as floor traders. One can search all day on the web, and it is not found.

Paul B. (Washington DC)

worthwhile and valuable

The “core strategy” material would have to be the reason why this class would be worthwhile and valuable, but the Teachers//Pro traders are the reason why this material is executable. Dale Sargood had perfect execution of the material and kept energy within the class interesting. He maintained order and I learnt quite a bit in a short period of time.

Michael S. (Toronto, Canada)

Awesome course

Awesome course. I have come to Online Trading Academy without any trading knowledge. I now have a trading plan, the knowledge to execute it and confidence in my skills. I am a successful and professional trader in the next 6 months.

Falk S. (Austin, TX)

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