this class has shifted my entire view and understanding of the market

I have been investing in the stock market for 30 years and this class has shifted my entire view and understanding of the market. Information is presented in a common sense way that makes sense of the market and explains the factors that move it. I would recommend this to anyone trying to master their financial future.

Steve Foster (Minneapolis, MN)

The school is excellent

The school is excellent. Online Trading Academy has student plan and interest at heart. It is structured and well planned for the students’ benefit. Furthermore, Online Trading Academy is like a platform for students to build on for infinite. Life partnership between students and Online Trading Academy is very memorable and says a lot about Online Trading Academy. I feel very confident to know that Online Trading Academy is there for me various ways. For instance, various support elements, XLTs, Hours with the Pros, video lessons, Live Trading Radio, hot Pro Picks, Power Trader Nation, Trader’s Dashboard and Mastermind Community. Online Trading Academy is a well planned fast track program for students’ present and future income and long term wealth. This is a win, win situation.

Emmanuel Okeke (Long Island, NY)

Bachir is well qualified to be a professor

I had the pleasure of attending the Professional Forex Trader class at Online Trading Academy Dubai. Under the able and knowledgeable instructor, Bachir Chaaya, the course opened new way of understanding and entering the Forex market. I have noted that Bachir is well qualified to be a professor, extraordinary in this subject. I wish all success to Online Trading Academy.

V. Sarma (Dubai, UAE)

I would recommend Online Trading Academy unconditionally

All the classes I have taken at Online Trading Academy have been taught by very capable and caring instructors. The information is presented in a manner that is understandable yet delivers an impressive amount of material. It has been worth the time away from my medical practice to attend these classes, and have enjoyed and benefited from each class. I also appreciated that each class gave us a bound book with every slide to help us easily review the material after the conclusion of the class. I would recommend Online Trading Academy unconditionally. Thank you.

Charles Cangemi (Charlotte, NC)

We learned so much about trading

The Pro Trader course was very comprehensive and an overall great experience. We learned so much about trading theory, charting, and the trading platform, and best of all got to soak in all of the instructor’s knowledge. Bob Dunn does a fantastic job and his energy and realism make it more than worthwhile.

Mike Perez (Secaucus, NJ)

Everyone I have met here talks about how Online Trading Academy has changed their lives

Everyone I have met here talks about how Online Trading Academy has changed their lives. What a gift it is to have learned these wealth management strategies this week. I only wish I could have learned them 30 years ago. ProActive Investor is a great foundation to everything else I will do in my Online Trading Academy journey.

Frank Messana (New York, NY)

I loved the camaraderie

I loved the camaraderie. It was nice to be around people who are doing the same thing and learning at about the same pace as I was. It was nice to see and visit with people who are from different walks of life and are in different stages than I am.

Leslie Murray (Seattle, WA)

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