we have a Porsche and they are teaching me to drive it like Andretti

A friend of mine, we used a financial calculator, 12in ruler and graph paper to trade, asked, “what is different about this game.” I responded, “It is the same game, the game has not changed. Remember when we would set up the trade on the bid and ask window and put our money above or below the big players, depending if we are going long or short.” He shrugged, “Yeah.” I said, “We are doing the same thing except now instead of driving a 1957 VW beetle that smokes like a Cheech and Chong movie, we have a Porsche and they are teaching me to drive it like Andretti.”

Sam Spade (Los Angeles, CA)

They truly help the student move forward

Professional Trader Part 1 provides a very comprehensive introduction to the Online Trading Academy core strategy. Through the use of “rules and best practices” to help the student find trades that meet the characteristics of: Low Risk, High Reward and High Probability. I can already tell that I will have more confidence at finding trades and will be able to be decisive at “pulling the trigger” to enter the trades. They truly help the student move forward with knowledge and courage to trade the markets like a pro.

Keith Crow (Dallas, TX)

Online Trading Academy is changing my life

I know I am a novice at trading. Online Trading Academy treats me with dignity and respect in regards to my abilities. The courses I have taken (Market timing, Pro-Trader, Options) have greatly expanded my understanding of all the possibilities I have to grow my wealth/nest egg. Online Trading Academy is changing my life. Thanks for having instructors like Steve Moses.

Paul Wheeler (Houston, TX)

I am giving Online Trading Academy 100% credit for any of this success

I want to share this information with you. I am giving Online Trading Academy 100% credit for any of this success (and learning to have nerves of steel). Between Brandon’s strategies, Sam’s insight, the encouragement from Joann and Mike, and Chuck being the reason I joined MM….I’m not doing this for bragging rights or any of that garbage, but I want you guys to take a look at some of these results since November 2013. I want to thank all of you so much for being a huge impact on my life. It’s truly made a massive difference. Most of these trades were Nat Gas, Heating Oil, Crude Oil, and Aussie. Not a single trade on the equities. In addition, my average time in trade is 9 hours 18 minutes. When I was losing it was 30 minutes or less…. That is extremely remarkable, and something I would absolutely encourage you to teach in class. I took a leave from Online Trading Academy and the XLT’s to focus on my business funding company. This forced me to allow my futures trades to play out, not even keep TradeStation open, and this is the outcome. Money… and for me… lot’s of it. You can also see these are not one hit wonder traders. I’m averaging about 40-50 trades a month and am profitable 85% of the time. Again, thank you so much for everything you guys do.

Nick Bentley (Tampa, FL)

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