I tell all my friends about OTA

This is the first and only trading education company that truly has delivered to my expectations. I needed a comprehensive education, from start to finish, and OTA delivered. I tell all my friends about OTA and highly recommend it to them. For their sakes, I truly hope they listened and will make use of OTA’s services.

Roy Perryman (Dallas, TX)

Wanted to thank Scott, great job-well done

Just attended your 3 day class. Wanted to thank Scott, great job-well done. You obviously know your ah-hem “stuff” and would gladly attend another of your classes/presentations–thank you very much! Best regards.

Perry Offutt (Denver, CO)

they DO NOT leave you hanging

It came down to the last minute, I nearly cancelled. The week before I had gone to the 3 day class and I was not sure if this was a direction I wanted to go. Being on the rise with my job, and already having several other business ventures, I was convinced I didn’t have time (or even really need) to trade. After some emotional wavering I decided to commit and came to the 3 day class and felt this was a place I needed to be. I decided to enroll and it has been truly great so far. The material is robust (trust me, more than you would ever expect), the computer labs are complete, and the learning process is completely involved (they DO NOT leave you hanging). I have just completed the Pro Trader class and now feel I have a great base to build off of when trading. Managing expectations, setting reasonable time frames, and setting reasonable goals are all part of the process and Online Trading Academy will help you every step of the way. With all the additional online material for continued education and the wonderful support staff, Online Trading Academy sets you up for long term success, it is just up to you how far you want to take it.

Jonathan Saldana (Atlanta, GA)

The Futures class with Kevin Green is life changing

The Futures class with Kevin Green is life changing. The core strategy and Kevin’s best practices will surely impact my trading career. I cannot wait to apply and PRACTICE these methods during my day to day operations. OTA Houston members treat transfer students with respect and care. It was a pleasure to take classes while under the tutelage of such fine people. 

Brian Lajkiewicz (Houston, TX)

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