The XLT’s are great

After taking the OTA Futures class my head was full of cobwebs AND I wondered if I would ever be able to make sense of the vast amount of information crammed into my head that week. Overwhelmed and tired the instructor said she could see the strain upon our faces. Her answer, begin the online XLT classes as soon as possible. 2 Months later I have a very clear understanding of core strategy, chart reading and the direction in which I want to go. The XLT’s are great and around every corner is another avenue of learning! Thank you, Michelle Volmering and ALL the staff at Online Trading Academy in Germantown, WI, for all your kindness, excellent hospitality and for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Lynelle Heinzeroth & Josh Denk Stoughton (Milwaukee, WI)

Jeff provided exceptional depth and understanding

Jeff provided exceptional depth and understanding on practical strategies I could use to trade a certain style. The insights gleaned from his experience were eye opening and built a greater degree of confidence and also the appetite to complement the core strategy with an even better understanding of market structure. Really pleased to have Jeff for my session!

Clayton Ford (London, UK)

Sam has clearly shown me where to place a trade

After spending a week in the Futures Class with Sam Evans, I am now able to plan my trades and strategies with confidence. I feel such a relief to finally see the wood from the trees; and I am confident with every decision I make since I have been disciplined to have a stop loss, a target and good entry point. Sam has clearly shown me where to place a trade with low risk and high probability. I can approach the market now with a rule based strategy void of emotions. Thank you, Sam, for your enthusiasm and passion. Thank you OTA for excellent instructors.

Frank Woollard (London, UK)

Steve was an excellent instructor

Steve was an excellent instructor. His ability to explain complex ideas in simple, everyday terms with examples that were easy to understand contributed greatly to what I got out of the class. I really enjoyed having him as an instructor and plan to use options as the key part of my trading strategy.

Roberto Ramirez (Milwaukee, WI)

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