The Futures class with Kevin Green is life changing

The Futures class with Kevin Green is life changing. The core strategy and Kevin’s best practices will surely impact my trading career. I cannot wait to apply and PRACTICE these methods during my day to day operations. OTA Houston members treat transfer students with respect and care. It was a pleasure to take classes while under the tutelage of such fine people. 

Brian Lajkiewicz (Houston, TX)

it has enhanced my skills significantly

I love the new Atlanta location. The staff are fantastic. They have such a supportive attitude and really give everyone the sense that they can be successful in trading. I feel confident that when I apply what the academy teaches I too will be successful. From day one Online Trading has proven to be the academy that sets itself apart from other educational institutions. Their core strategy is second to none. As a trader who has traded various markets in the past, it has enhanced my skills significantly. Their support system, classroom environment, facility settings, instructors, coaches and leadership are fantastic. I’m proud to be a graduate and now equipped trader to make sound high probability, low risk and high reward trades. Thanks Online Trading Academy!!!

Mark Janifer (Atlanta, GA)

provided us with the understanding that we needed

My wife and I started classes last year and after taking our first classes we were wondering if we had done the right thing. Being a tad bit doubtful as to spending the amount of money for the training, but at the same time knowing if we were going to trade the markets we would need help in understanding the ins and outs. Online Trading Academy Atlanta has provided us with the understanding that we needed. At first we felt over whammed; trying to understand the TradeStation platform, supply and demand zones, and futures trading, but by retaking our classes, participating in the XLT – Futures Trading sessions and Hour with the Pros, we have become confident in our abilities and our choice in selecting Online Training Academy Atlanta as our training provider. Thank you, OTA.

William Muckenfuss (Atlanta, GA)

I look forward to many prosperous years of trading

As of today, I have taken most of the classes here at Online Trading Academy. They have all been excellent, and they all reinforced the Online Trading Academy supply and demand strategy. This last class was the options class which enhances my love for stock trading. I look forward to many prosperous years of trading with Online Trading Academy via XLT and Mastermind sessions.

Joanne Henderson (Atlanta, GA)

course is designed in such a way that any person can understand

The course is designed in such a way that any person can understand the real world of trading in stocks, commodities, Forex. The instructors are good in explaining how things work in the market. I am very lucky that I came across Online Trading Academy training and am very much confident that I can trade like a professional trader. I thank Vishal sir for his super power in teaching complicated things in simple ways and making my life simple. Thank you, Online Trading Academy team.

Biswa Pradhan (Mumbai, India)

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